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Nourished and nutritious vegetables all year round

Grönovation AB is a Swedish Agri and Food Tech company focussed on developing next generation bioceuticals based on its unique technology platforms.

Research and development

The company is focused on developing novel biomarkers of herbal medicines against specific disease targets, building an effective evidence-based basis for precision medicine.

Precision Herbal Medicine: With Precision growing (optimized light spectrum for expression of specific metabolites, specific nutrients under Controlled Growth Environment) and optimized omics based extraction protocols to final product.

Precision Herbal Extracts: For nutritional and personal hygiene, Lab facilities that ensures precision down stream processing to product development.

Growing medicinal plants

Raw materials devoid of any contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticide residue is the key for achieving higher efficacy of quality bioactive metabolite. We have developed an Optimal climate creation technology in which we grow plants with precision, enabling us to achieve higher amounts of active ingredients.


We emphasize on Omics based approaches in elucidating and understing the mechanism of action fo various phytochemical components of herbal medicine and enhancing their action.

In addition, phyto-fingerprinting of selected herbs using metabolomics approach such as GC-MS/LC-MS/UPLC-MS and NMR spectroscopy to advance the precise profiling of metabolites.

About us

We are a Agri and Food-tech Swedish company, built on the core idea of bridging technology and the taste for real locally grown nutritious food and development of herbal bioceuticals. Our mission is to provide the technology, which shall empower to deliver fresh, nutritious locally grown food all year round and develop precision herbal medicines/extracts, grown with precision, zero pesticide usage and with minimum environmental impact. Our growing facility is a fusion of the best in agriculture and crop science with real-time data monitoring, climate creation technology and AI, enabling us to grow food nature intended. Our R & D focusses on Omics based approaches in developing novel phyto-medicinal components and enhancing their action. Grönovation AB is a joint venture between Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Holding AB and Karolina Ventures based in Uppsala, Sweden.


Our climate smart precision growing technology employs the best in crop science.

Optimal nutrition: We continuously monitor macro and micro nutrients for our plants enabling us to provide the best they require for an optimal growth.

Smart light: Our energy efficient LED lights provide a specific light spectrum for optimal photosynthesis in plants. This precise lighting provides enhanced nutrition and accumulation of active metabolites in plants.

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